New York, New York..... 2013.....

Ok, so I have been on a short vacation in New York a few weeks ago and can I just say... wow.... and yes I took a lot of photos.... first, sadly my old camera broke down after the very first day in the city, so there I was (just a bit over paniced....underrated some of my friends might say...) with a malfunctioning camera... that was just not going to work for me, so I got a new camera and sadly had to cut off a few things I wanted to do/see (yes a friend of mine had offered to help me... my budget was already a bit over...) so it came to a lot of walking about in the city...

And I've come to realise that it will just be way too big a blog to put all those photos into one blog, so I will cut them up in different sections, like one is with photos from the Grand Central, The High Line... and you get the idea... I will update this blog with links to the new photos as I get them uploaded over the next few days... they are all done, they just need to be uploaded up here...  :-)

Again, remember you can click on the first photo and see them alone without text if you wish and they are all copyright, so if you want to use any of these photos... please ask first.. I am more likely to say yes if you do...

So here are the first few links... (do let me know if it is not working the way it should, I haven't tried it this way before.....) again, check back as I will update this blog over the next few days with new links, so you don't have to scroll around to find the new photos from New York...... all easy.....

The High Line walk

The Grand Central Station

Softball games in Central Park

Sct Patrick Church

World Trade Memorial

New York Library and Bryant Park

Tram and Roosevelt Island

Morningside Heights

Models in New York

Streets of Manhattan


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