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Pure nature, pure love

So yesterday before my fitness I went for an late afternoon walk to a nearby lake and took some photos. I waited till today to work more on them, but a twitter from Tom Walter (@HerdingClouds) with a picture inspired me to this picture below. I like to take walk in the nature, today was rather windy and the water was splashing rather high that this was one of the last picture I took with the rose. At first I was going to type a poem by Robert Frost - "Nothing gold can stay" - but found it took too much space. I wanted to keep it somewhat smaller and simpler.... so here it is..... 

Onto something new but first....

There is always the moment, when you are done with your photos, that makes you sort of both happy but also sad to leave the project. That's when I try to find something else to work on or wait a bit longer before I start again....
These were taken while waiting on set of a Danish movie and you just gotta use the time when the sun is out and spring is finally here....  :-)

Evening sunset

While walking home the sun was setting beautifully......

Afternoon sunset

While having a break under a movie, I did a photo with my friend Bille with the sun coming through the windows....

Model - first time

So Friday 16th early morning I met up with a model named Susann Cornelius to have some picture taken for her and this what came out of a great early morning, cold but with lots of sun...

Sci-Fi Malmoe, 3rd & 4th March 2012

Pictures from the Sci-Fi event in Mamloe on 3rd and 4th March 2012, where like Lance Henriksen, Kristanna Loken, Jenette Goldstein, Kim Hartman, Richard Gibson, Joe Flanigan and 2 more, joined the event.  (You can click on the picture and see it on the screen instead of scrolling down....)