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Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2, Gala opening in Copenhagen, Denmark

It is way past midnight and as I won't spoil it too much, I can say it was a worthy ending of the series of Twilight.

However, last night Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone visited Copenhagen, Denmark as the Danish cinema Imperial held an gala opening of the last movie in the series. I haven't finished all photos, so here are just a few from last night.

All photos belong to Ditte Broens.... see note on the side.... and enjoy the movie....  :-)

Photos from first day of Star Wars....

Phew, finished the photos from the first day of the Star Wars convention I went to last weekend. Took a bit longer than I had planed, plus it will be a bit longer before I can finish up the last photos from the 2nd day as real life intervened this coming week.... so please bear over with me with the last photos. However I've made two photos differently from what they should look like.... go take a look....  :-)

"Forbrydelsen" / "The Killing" season 3, episode 7....

So this past Sunday I was all set to watch the 7th episode of the Danish version of "The Killing" / "Forbrydelsen" season 3, episode 7. - Don't worry, no spoilers will be told here, so you can read if you like...

The reason I was particularly interessted in this episode is, I was an extra back in April, 2012 where funny enough I was to be a photographer too. Now I can't tell much about what's happening in case you haven't seen it, however I can tell I didn't make that much camero moment in the scene, if you know where to look, you can see some of my camera and top of my head, however here you can see what it looked like from my point of view.... we were there for a few hours and the clip ended up being like 3-6 seconds long, so not that much of the scene were used in the episode. It was still interessting to be there as I haven't even seen the other seasons of the series. I can't wait to see the next episode the coming Sunday.

Remember t…

Star Wars weekend..... still working...

Right, so the past weekend I went to this Star Wars weekend among other things and took a few photos. I am still in editing with those, but wanted to post this one of Alan Flyng, who have had a few part in the Star Wars movies, he is always up for a good laugh and smile, just like in this photo:

More photos will come once I am done with them :)