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Opening at "Bakken" ("The Hill" or "Valley")

On 29th March this fair called "Bakken" in Danish ("The Hill or Valley if you like) opened and always on the opening day as well closing day in the fall, about 3000-4000 motorcycles in all kind and shapes drive from centre of Copenhagen till "Bakken". The numbers of motorcycles can change due to weather. But this year it was perfect, the sun was out and it was a bit chilly,  The motorcycles started to drive from Copenhagen at 7pm and the first motorcycles arrived with the police in front about 7:30pm. It took another 2-3 hours before the last motorcycles arrived at "Bakken" and it counted around 3000 motorcycles at the parking lot. Even though I know of this event taking place every year, this was the first time for me to actually be there and see the motorcycles. There was a good mood and exciting in the air to see what kind of motorcycles would show up. But it was all between Harley Davidson, BMW, kawasaki, Ducarti and the like.... Take a look.... …