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So Wednesday I was lucky enough to have been able to buy the ticket to the gala opening of "Skyfall" showing that evening. Throughout the day I got my hair set, tried to find out if I could take my camera with me, which at first I was told no due to strict secruity  that evening, as there would be attending some from the Danish Royal family as well the British Embassy. I still bought my camera in case the situation would change, which it did as while I was waiting to get inside the cinema from the lobby area, not only were proberbly all guest clicking away on their cell phones as well their smaller camera that in the end, I walked back down to the temperoy closet to get my backpack back again and managed to get a few photos before we were called inside the cinema, an hour delayed.... here the few photos I managed to get...

Again, just to mention, copyright etc etc... you can read about on the right side....  :)

The Danish horse cops....

A while back I read on facebook that the Danish Parlement are going to shut down the Danish horse police cops. I feel rather sad about this because not only are there "only" 9 horses and 13 riders, but they are doing a pretty good job when they are out there. Sometimes better than the police in the cars. They just connect in a better way with the public people and are a whole lot more visible out there.

The department have once been shut down before, now it is happening all over.  I wonder if more would help sign up and show that the riding police are just as good as the police behind the cars or motorcycles...

I am not going to line up a whole lot more about it, though I do want to show a few photos from their 10 years anniversary back in 2008, where everyone who wanted to could visits their stables, greet the horses, get a good talk with the police riders.

The site on facebook may be in Danish, though if you want to show support or just spread the words, please feel free …

Arnold Schwarzenegger stopping by Copenhagen, Denmark

So Wednesday late evening I read on Danish news website that Arnold Schwarzenegger was stopping by Copenhagen today, both to do signing for his new book though most importantly for giving a prize later for an event he supported.

I went in there just thinking I would take a peak and see how it looked like, would it be impossible to get a photo or was it durable. I arrived in Copenhagen in lovely fall weather and saw to my surprise the que had already formed and a long one. It was to be a whole lot longer than the book store who held the signing at the hotel had accounted for, at all. At one point they had to stop the line in order to get more of Arnold's book that people had to buy if they wanted his signature - that if they hadn't already bought the book before.

On a funny note, almost every press folk were trying to get inside, but unless you were on the list or known by the right people, sorry stay outside. And for once I had got a ok spot to wait by - another press photogra…

Horseshow at Roskile...

Ok, these photos are from back in 2010, but every year there is this Horse show in Roskilde, where not only variate shows but also showing off the horses as running for best breed and such takes place over a weekend in May.

That May in 2010, was a nice one and I got a few good photos.