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Music in Tivoli, Copenhagen, 21st May 2010

So it was last week, but there is a first time for everything. Why am I taking last Friday up? I was in there with a friend of mine in Copenhagen Tivoli. A fair rigth in the city and where you can hear Friday rock throughout the summer opening, mind you to get a card to save those money if you want to go there every Friday night. It is worth it. This evening it was Grand Avenue - a Danish band, great - up first and then Beth Hart from USA, she was great.. Now as most of you know at concert it can be tricky to hear what they are singing, so I try to follow the rythme there and take pictures as I did this evening. I was told that Beth didn't like flash so I had to take that off, but as luck was she was on the right side of the stage in this picture where she sang a quiet song.

Friday 4th of June Jamie Collum will be there for the Friday rock. I think I will go and see how he is :-D But first this coming weekend it is all about Star Wars day.

First time blogging


So some of my friends have started their blogs about life, trips, travel and whatever comes to mind. I thought I would give a go in here and see where it goes.

But I will try and type about the life I have with movies, music and my favorite photos. This is going to be interessting to see how it works out :-D

Let me know what you think and look forward to share what I experience out there in the world.


My first photo is from last year and called "Devine ligth"