Music in Tivoli, Copenhagen, 21st May 2010

So it was last week, but there is a first time for everything. Why am I taking last Friday up? I was in there with a friend of mine in Copenhagen Tivoli. A fair rigth in the city and where you can hear Friday rock throughout the summer opening, mind you to get a card to save those money if you want to go there every Friday night. It is worth it. This evening it was Grand Avenue - a Danish band, great - up first and then Beth Hart from USA, she was great.. Now as most of you know at concert it can be tricky to hear what they are singing, so I try to follow the rythme there and take pictures as I did this evening. I was told that Beth didn't like flash so I had to take that off, but as luck was she was on the right side of the stage in this picture where she sang a quiet song.

Friday 4th of June Jamie Collum will be there for the Friday rock. I think I will go and see how he is :-D But first this coming weekend it is all about Star Wars day.


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