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Star Wars day 3, Denmark, 28th & 29th May 2010

Before I start about those two days, I want to give a shot out to actors GeraldHome, Toby Philpott and Alan Flyng. Thank you for a great time in your company and for telling your part in a great movie – Star Wars (SW hence forward).
Note: there may be a few things I don’t get right, but it’s been two weeks and I didn’t take notes while the sessions went on, so mostly is on what I remember and any fault is on my side. P.s. You can click on the picture and it will show a little bit bigger. Still copyrights...
Friday after work I went straight to the place where the SW day were taking place, about ½ hour with regular train from Copenhagen. Well arrived I looked around as I had been asked to come and help, but pretty much everything had been taken care of and people were setting up their tables of SW things you could by on Saturday. So I took a few pictures of Superman in the light while waiting out time for the question and answer session which was held this Friday evening. I got to join…

Star Wars day 3.... small update...

So last weekend I attended a Star Wars day in Hoeje Taastrup, which is a small town outside Copenhagen. Now I want to tell more about this day, but I've been sitting all day working and going through the pictures which I will upload as soon they are ready - hopefully tomorrow Sunday and then I will give you the whole report from the weekend. But let me say this, even though those 3 actors may not be as famous as Harrison Ford, they sure made us enjoy their tales of their memoirs from Star Wars day. So come back Sunday or Monday and look for update :-D