High Line - New York, 2013

This is the last part of the train tracks which provided New York with food, which is now preserved and called "The High Line". You should allow yourself time to walk this place, specially doing spring/summer time, I can imagine it must be beautiful right now.... also this is another way of walking in New York above the streets..... there is even plenty of seats around the line, where you can sit down for a moment if you want to... or go up there before it closes and see the evening light....

You can read more about the project to preserve these last track here:  http://www.thehighline.org/

Here a few photos of my own....


  1. LOL - looks like you got caught - someone waving hello to you. :-) Wow I remember you talking about this area. So Neat...amazing.

  2. LOL!!! - Looks like you got caught by someone and he's nice enough to wave HELLO. :-)

  3. LOL - someone's watching you and saying hello. :-) - Also I remember you talking about this place - amazing. So Cool of NYC to preserve it like that.


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