Softball in Central Park.....

As I went up to Central Park on a Saturday morning, I found this corner where a lot of teams were playing softball (similar to baseball for those who don't know about this game....). I watched some practice their ballswing and such. I realized soon enough they were actually warming up to play against each other on their first game against each other and I asked if it was ok to take photos of them. (if any of you know them or you see these photos and don't want them up here, let me know and I will remove them....)

I can highly recommend go there doing the weekends in the morning around 9amish I believe, as there seems to buzzing with games. I came in from 5th avenue corner and walked to the left side of the park.... you can't miss it...  and for me it was a great experience to see.... the term "fierce" about a game made good sense that day.....  :-)  

Oh by the way... before you want to try feel a bat.... asks first... they are mighty costy... the ones I saw here was like around $300 a piece.... even the one the kids plays with.....

Here a few of the softball photos......


  1. K - That's it - Your moving to America and I'm getting you a photographer job with the Binghamton Senators - your action shots are amazing. You would really get some awesome shots at our games. :-) Go sometime to some hockey games near you when you can and test your camera and see you how you do. :-) - I Would LOVE It if that really could happen.


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