Editing... editing... editing... lots of editing...

Lately I haven't updated my blog for a very good reason..... a while back... ok not too long while back I had a short trip to New York (first time) and it is those photos I am still editing.... going through like 1700ish photos sure take times I might add....  :) and with a new camera as my old camera broke on the very first day in the big city, I've had a lot to learn along the way.... so here a small treat of some of my photos from the Big Apple... more will be added once I'm done....

Brooklyn Bridge

NYC Library

Central Park bench

Empire State Building

Chrystler Building in the far back....

Quiet moment by a church - unknown person...


  1. Wow Ditte - Great Job. Wouldn't know you were just getting used to a new camera.

  2. Like the 1st two shots the best - great perspective on these


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