Tram and Roosevelt Island

It may not sound as exciting as Manhattan, however do take half a day or even a whole day, take the tram across the river and stroll around the Roosevelt Island in good tempo. It is a nice way to see something different, if you are not going too far away from Manhattan while there.

There may not be much to see, however Roosevelt Island does have an interesting history, it has changed over the years to be a place to live at, as it is a quiet Island and yet close to Manhattan. I took the tram twice and was suprised by how smooth it felt (ok it was not windy, so that could be the reason) and how fast it still went to get to the Island. Once there I strolled first to the north side as I had seen there was an light house. Sadly when I was there, it was sealed off due to hurricane Sandy and work was still in progress to make it safely to walk around the light house. If it is open, do yourself a favor, pack a picnic, go there and see it from a different view..... As I had walked on the opposite side, I went to the side where you can see Manhattan with it's tall building hoovering up...  I sat down on one of the benches along the pederstrain path, enjoyed a lunch and watched the seagulls relaxing up against the wind, waiting for an opportunity....(they didn't get close to me as you can experience in other places - like here in Denmark sometimes, rarely though).

Walk down to the south side of the Island and you will find a building and another place to walk around.

So give Roosevelt Island a chance.... it is a good place to take a breath down from the busy buzzing Manhattan.....


"You never know where the roads take you....."


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