Streets of Manhattan.....

It has been awhile since last update on my photos from New York. I still have a few photos to put together, however this will be the update for now as I have many other photos to put up... It will be awhile before there will be some new update here, will let you know...

This is some photos from the streets of Manhattan....

Manhattan viewed from the train...

"Train stop view"

"Sunday Golf" Chelsea Pier


The Blues....?

NYC police

"NYC police horse briddle"

Times Square in the background

6th Avenue

Between buildings lots of different churches...


7th Avenue

Park Avenue


"Street dance", Battery Park

Brooklyn Bridge

Street art

Wall art, commercial.

Flower corner


Subway beams


Boxed policecar

Only in NYC on a day with about 65/70F (25/26 degrees) in Central Park, can you watch an icerink in April...

UN Police cars. Notice, for good reason I've "removed" numbers on the cars...

Cover for rain

"Reach out", Sailor memorial, Battery Park.

The next two photos are amoung my favorites..... Taken late evening in Downtown/Greenwich Village/Soho, Manhattan


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