December 25th..... Belated Merry Christmas....

December 24th quite a few of my original plans got changed as I got an offer to tag along with my brother back home, which I was more than happy to do. And since my morning had been a slowly one, suddenly I could see I wouldn't be able to make it in time to do a blog before I left.

I had a nice quiet and simple Christmas with my brother and his family in law, now it is 1st Christmas day where people will look and talk about the gifts they got, have a long walk from the Christmas dinner and get ready maybe for the left over.  Sadly all snow melted off and there was not that much snow in Malmoe, Sweden either....

Here a belated  Merry Christmas, the wolf photo is 2 years old, though one of my favorites too. And thank you to those who followed my December post here and shared it....  :-)

Simple Christmas tree

Nephew with a mini mohawk having a ball at the table...


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