December 21st..... Cold again.....

December 20th was skipped as I had a slow day, so today I took some time to go outside and enjoy the good sunny weather and very cold as well... bbrrr... As I strolled around the street of city centre of Copenhagen, I couldn't help but notice people walking around to find the last Christmas gift, or go for a cafe late, meeting friends, or like me just walking around enjoying the city.

Before I left Copenhagen and get back home to get some warmth back, I stopped by this fair called Tivoli, which is pretty much right in the center of Copenhagen, next to the main train station as well (makes it fairly easy to get back home afterwards as well....).  Usually you go into Tivoli doing the summer season, but the past few many years Tivoli have been open throughout December wtih the theme of winter and Christmas, you get the idea. Sometimes they change the theme every now and then every year or like this time they've kept it as it was last year I believe.

It is something to be seen with all the light lights, small houses and yes believe it or not, people actually do the rides no matter how cold it is.... I stay firmly on the ground.... (doing winter that is....)

Happy solstice day....

If you want to know more about Tivoli, you can see their webpage here in English:

Sunset bench, December 19th

Winterhouse inside Tivoli

"Swans outside Nimbs Hotel, inside Tivoli

If the lake is not frozen, you can like here sail in small boats with light on....


  1. Wow Ditte - That sounds amazing. Your pictures are stunning too. You should ask someone in Tivoli if they need help with adding pictures to their website or to a tour book or something. :-) Love the sunset bench photo too - stunning...makes me want to take a seat and enjoy the scenery.


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