December 19th....... Happy birthday......

So, it is my birthday today.... yea, yea,one year older and 5 days till Christmas.... one of my yearly "traditions" is to see a movie, like when the "Ring of the lords" came out, it was either the day before or on the day itself it opened and I would see the movie on my birthday.... so it has become sort of a tradition for me to do on my birthday, if I am not doing something else, like a party (long time ago), meeting friends (lots of greetings popping up on my facebook already - thank you guys... so a movie day it is.... I will bring my camera on my walk into nearby city as the weather is dry and a bit sunny as well.... almost all snow has gone though.... will see what I come up with.

How ever, I do have these two photos which are from the Royal Crown family's home/castle called Amalienborg in Copenhagen, these are taken from last year on a frosty February day.

So anyone else who has birthday today too... Happy Birthday and see you around....

The Royal guards on change of shift round.....


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