Mikkel Beha Erichsen a journalist stop by....

A well known Danish journalist - and popular as well - stopped by the bookstore Arnold Bucsk, Lyngby, Denmark Friday 12th 2016 to sign the book written with his son, who is travelling around the globe at sea. Since it was close I went there and got a few photos.

At first when I arrived at the book store, I was a bit baffled the que for book signing wasn't any longer than well, barely a few. Then I remembered winter holiday started the same day (school is closed for a week now and many families will stay home or go travel) and that could be reason the que wasn't that long. It did change later when few more people stopped by. On the other hand, all those who got their book signed got a good time with Mikkel and he took time to each one for a quick small talk.

Sometimes when you meet authors, celebs and such, you always wonder what the person will be like in person up close. Mikkel, whose thoughts proberbly was half a globe away (he and wife will be joing their sons on the ship in a few weeks), flashed his well known smile, arms were used to describe how big it was and had talk with kids too... I'm glad I went there and had a small talk myself... :)


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