30 Seconds to Mars - Concert in Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark.

A little detour from my New York photos...

Friday evening the American band 30 Seconds to Mars gave their only concert in Denmark, in Tivoli, Copenhagen. I have to admit I had never heard them before, I only knew of Jared Leto from his acting career (my bad....).

While waiting for the concert to start, I was a tad worried about the weather as it had been forecasted some rain would come a few hours before the concert started. What happens? 15 minutes before the concert starts it pours down. However the crowd just pulled up their hood and stayed to hear the concert.  And just as the band got on stage it stopped raining, it was still windy. However there was nothing to worry about. The energy alone from the band spoke volumen and held all the way through the concert I'm sure.

Sadly due to some malfunctions on my camera (which is in for repair....), low battery as well memory card was used up rather quickly, I didn't stay till the end of the concert.

I did get some photos and here are a few of them.... I might update later but for now these are the ones I am putting up...

Remember, you can click on the photo to see them on screen.

All copyright on photos belong to signed, see the note about this on right side of this blog....

"Hello audience...."

"Relaxed Jared"

"Setting the beat"

"Happening down here"

"Fresh air"

"Loud chorus"

"Enjoying the moment"

"Ready for more"
"Hello Denmark"

As I've learned, not that many photos was released from this concert and these will be the only ones I will put up on my blog....


  1. It was a nive concert, and the rain did stay away for the rest of the evening. The atmosphere at the concert didn't go down for any second that night.

    I love your pictures, they are great!

    1. Thank you Sanne.... great to hear you guys enjoyed the rest of the concert :-)

      And thank you for your comment :-)


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