A bit news admits it all.....

I've been quite busy for awhile and will continue to be so.. However, here are a few photos I've had printed and will be shown both at a gallery/show at a library later this summer.... some of them are off for sale, so if you are interessted in one or two, feel free to get in touch with me... they are in the size 30x44cm (about 12inch x  17inch - I am not entirely good at change to inches....so any mistakes are mine...) (The logo will not be on the printing version)

That said I wish you all a Happy Easter this coming weekend. 

March 28th 2013: Look further down, I've uploaded the last photos that has been printed as well....

These last two are more private and thus not for sale, however showing how there are other options with photos of either children, loved ones....

Updated and uploaded the rest of the photos that has been printed together with the above:


The next few are a seletion that I will be showing at this library later this summer.....:


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