Law and order: Special Victims Unit

Right, think it will be first time I post something entirely different here on my blog. But the past few weeks I've been working on this SVU project as I called it. I watch the show for many reasons and one of them is the lead female actress Mariska Hargitay, who portrays the role of "Olivia Benson" and have done it for solid 13 years, just started filming on season 14 today.

A while back when I read about the Emmy's and saw both Mariska Hargitay and Danny Pino were in for nominations but sadly didn't make the cut in the run for the Emmy this September. So I thought I would make an mini Emmy poster with Mariska Hargitay's role throughout those 13 years. In hindsight, plan in advance of the days if not a few weeks to go through the screen caps.

I contacted the for permission to use their screen caps as there was no way in time I would make it through all 13 season of SVU, plus if  you go to their webpage and see just how many screen caps there are, I'm pretty sure you get the hindsight idea of doing it, in way good time.

So I learned a few things along the road and sure got way too many ideas of what I wanted to do and etc etc.... the original idea was to end up with an video ending with the poster I finished today. I will try that later, when I've recovered from those hours of going through the screen caps....

 On a last note and since it is due to the start of SVU season 14 I just finished one last poster and just for the record, I did this just for myself and the lesson I've learned from it.

All photos belong to NBCSVU, screen caps are with permission found on, the layout, edits and idea as well any fault is mine.


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