Pernille Rosendahl new album coming....

Last night I was fortunately to have won ticket to a speciel event of listening to some new songs from singer Pernille Rosendahl's upcoming album via the music store Hi-Fi club.

150 people were invited and as we all sat down, it was an excited and nervous Pernille Rosendahl who sat down with producer Søren Vestergaard and mixer Jeff Ellis (wellknown mixer from Los Angles, USA) by a small table. After a few words about the process over the past 4 years, we got to listen to some of the songs, which are still in the final stage of procution.

Pernille talked about how she 4 years agos decided to pull the plug from the singer/celebrity publication and just be herself for some time. And doing this time on her own, she found a new side of herself and her music, back stronger than ever. The line through it all, to let go and be yourself, do what you like.... 

I may have a bad hearing, however the emtions through the songs I heard, I can tell I am very much looking forward to hear the new album, which is out in April 2016 sometime. Keep an eye out for something totally new from Pernille Rosendahl.

I was lcuky enough to take a few photos within the first 3 songs.

A big thank you to Hi-Fi club for this opportunity to attend an event like this first time and Pernille Rosendahl for letting us listen to the new music before the album is out...

All photos are copyright...  you can press on the photo to see it on screen and not scroll down.. :)


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