First day of 2016

Happy New Year... I went for a longer walk yesterday and got these few photos. On the same subject, I am both way long behind in editing my photos, from now on I will show less photos, but will still post some of my photos. I am going out of my comfy zone and going to find a way to sell my photos, either via print or here via showing on the internet.

Some my ask why not do it for free.. the answer is simpel: photos takes up space - it is not for free to have space to store the photos, the camera is being used a lot as well objective/lenses - also not for free. Photography it seems for some people to be as easy to click on the camera, without realizing the editing part behind every photo.

So if you in any way are interessted in my photos (there are some which are not for sale - do ask), most of them are for sale. Contact me via my email if you have any questions or are interessted in purchaseing some of my photos....

Other than that, I wish you all a Happy New Year....

Fireworks seen from the kitchen window

Sailors in the mist

Sailors in the mist - Black/white photography

"Broken branches" - from a storm in 2015

"Single duck"

"Branches of the mist"

"The way to Avalon...?"

"Heron on the watch"

"Remember to look up"

The next photos are not for sale.....

Thank you to the kayak sailor for the cup of tea and small talk further down the stream...


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