"The Danish Girl" in Copenhagen, Denmark....

So a long while back this year, the filming of the movie "The Danish Girl" took place in Copenhagen, Denmark and I found them filming in a very popular area. At a place called Nyhavn, where not only a lot of Danish people go to during summer time, but also a lot of turist will walk around this area. The only minus on those two days I watched and took photos from the filming was, it was rather cold and dull, yet a bit of sun would shine through. So a lot of respect not only for the crew, actors but also the extras providing as background for the actorts... It was really a treat to see a very large area of Nyhavn transformed into an older Copenhagen harbour as well the customes the extras wore. I was to be an extra in this movie but was not chosen, so I was happy to see the filming and take photos instead. I talked with some of the people who had their boats lined up for the movie at the harbour - the other boats which usually is there had been moved away and replaced with older looking boats from the time period. I also know it is more exciting when you get to dress up for the movie and more so when it is this period of time makes it more special. 

Yes, I did see Eddie Redmayne, yes I have a few photos of him though they are too far away and crowded to share here.  And yes there was a lot of people who got busy with both cameras and cell phones, I just waited to show my photos till it was finished as well getting the clear go from a person I know from production...

I've edited some of my photos in both color (not that many) and others in a oldish way, as the movie takes place in/around 1930...  One thing is for sure, I look forward to see this movie here in Denmark.

You can see the trailer here: Trailer The Danish Girl 


Please do not use my photos without permission elsewhere.  That said, I did found some background for free on the internet, which have helped me make it possible to make the photos look a bit older... I did this for a reason...

And remember you can click on the image and see it in full on screen instead of scrolling down the pages, there is a quite few photos....


  1. Your photo work is amazing! Keep up the good work! I can't wait to have grown to the level of photography that you are currently exhibiting!


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