Copenhagen Shoe Fashion.....

The past week I have been hard working on some wedding photos, that yesterday when I saw a tweet from singer Szhirley, she would be co-hosting this shoe fashion event, I thought it would do nice with a break.... with my camera and more photos to do....  love it.  I have had the pleasure of meeting and taken photos of Szhirley at some different events and concert, so it was nice she admist it all took time to say hi before she whisked off to the fashion event.

Now, the first shoe event which I just barely made it but didn't get a good spot to do photos, was a group of women and surprise one man, running in high heels in a race. The other shoe event went better as Szhirley told me it would take place not long after the race had finished, so I went there, found out where I could be to get a bit better spot for the photos. And I have to say, first of all if anyone put me in those shoes, I would only be able to stand still, because walking would be out of the question. So respect to those girls/women who signed up for this event, where in high heels from either Notabene or Ash. They really went in for it trust me....

I will have more photos up when the wedding photos as well some car race from previous weekend are done, so check back for updates and remember you can press on the photo and it will show on a gallery :-)

And you can take a look at this clip from last year how it looked like... only difference is, it didn't rain:

Battle of the shoes is on

Singer/actress/co-host Szhirley

Mansquard stopped by and helped....


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